I am currently studying Cyber Security in Edinburgh Napier University.
I use Linux-based operating systems, I’m fluent in python, attempting to learn rust, and I’m interested in internet privacy, as well as the things found on this website.

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This Website

I wrote the server in python using WSGI, no javascript is used client-side. (The server’s source code)
You can put ?min=false at the end of a url to get the page source in a more readable (not minimized) format.
Check out this list of experiments


If you have any issues, requests or suggestions, please submit a comment below, or email me at [contact AT fiftysix DOT scot] for a faster responce.

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wrote at 2021-05-17 20:28:53

Nice website - Squaresweets

GEMBE2943 wrote at 2021-01-05 23:01:21

Thank you!!1